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(Inside Out) Disgust.PNG

Have you watched the Disney Pixar film Inside Out? Did you like it? No? Well too bad, because this outfit is based on Disgust from Inside Out.

How To Get[]


You need to have a hairstyle similiar to the one on the picture. The dark green part of the hair is from the Pop Star (which can be bought for 75 credits).

The light green parts of the hair are from the Prom Queen, which is also 75 credits.

Your hair must be green like the hair of Disgust.


Your skin must be a lighter shade of green, like in the picture above.


Use pink lips, but it's probably better if you don't use a smile. You can use Elyana's mouth.

Neck Item[]

Find the white feather boa from a woman in Mystery Train Island. Maybe some of your friends already have it, so you can look at their closet or photos.

If you couldn't find it either way, friend "perin10" and look in her closet. She has it.

Green Top[]

Go into Herc's Hero Hut in Mythology Island and customize the top from the lady in green.


The skirt is the green skirt of the Southern Bell which also costs 75 credits. Wow, I didn't realize how expensive all this was. But now that you get 150 per island, I think it'll be alright.


It is the green belt of the Pop Star.