(Inside Out) Joy

Despite being one of the main characters, I didn't really like her much. Still, that cannot stop me from dressing up like her. So BEAT IT!

How to Get the Items Edit

The Hard Way Edit

Hair Edit

I got the hair from one of the three Poptropicans in Early Poptropica. Just kept revisiting, revisiting, and revisiting until you find it.

Smile Edit

You can get the Graduate outfit from the Store for 0 credits. Then costumize the smile.

Top Edit

Costumize the green top from the woman in Herc's Hero Hut (Mythology Island).


You have two choices for the skirt (the first one is better). You can either buy the Prom Queen for 75 credits and use the green skirt, or finish Astro Knights Island and costumize the princess's skirt.

Other Edit

You need blue hair and yellow skin, so I recommend using the Colorizer. If you don't wanna waste your money on that, use the balloons on Early Poptropica and the colored drinks in 24 Carrot. For her glow, you can (optionally) use the Phantom which can be bought from the store. Don't make yourself too transparent though, because...

The Easy Way Edit

Friend Edit

Simply friend "perin10" and look into her closet to find some of the items. But you can't use the skin/hair color or skirt. Save some time.