Poptropica Fashion Wiki

Yes, aye, it's the pretty and manipulative Alison DiLaurentis! This the fifth Pretty Little Liars Outfit I am writing about. Follow the instructions to dress like her.

How To Get Your Outfit[]


  1. Get the Vampire Girl 1 outfit.
  2. Customize the hair.
  3. Go to New You to get the front bangs.
  4. Go to Mythology Island.
  5. Go into Herc's Hero Hut.
  6. Customize the side bangs from the girl in green.
  7. Dye your hair blonde.


  1. Go to Mythology Island.
  2. Run to the right towards the Grove of Temples.
  3. Costumize the top and skirt from the girl in orange.
  4. Use the Vampire Girl 1 outfit to get the belt.

Voila! You now look the pretty Alison DiLaurentis!