Poptropica Fashion Wiki
Amity Outfit
Amity Outfit.png
What You Need
Cost Free
Hat None
Hair Braid, Red
Top Dress, Jacket
Bottoms Dress
Skin Tone Doesn't matter
Lips Bright Red w/ Gloss
Other Accesories Belt, Earrings

In the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth, the city of Chicago was divided into 5 factions.

  • Erudite, the intellegent
  • Amity, the peaceful
  • Candor, the honest
  • Abnegation, the selfless
  • and Dauntless, the brave.

Follow the steps below to dress like an Amity!

How to Get:[]


  1. Get the braid from a randomly generated Poptropican of from players in the Common Rooms.
  2. The bangs are from Aphrodite in Mythology Island.
  3. Dye your hair any color, I chose red.


  1. You can find the dress from people in the Common Rooms.
  2. Go to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island and customize Charlie's jacket. If you've already completed the island, you can find him in the Chocolate Room.
  3. The belt is from one of the dummies at the Masks and Capes Store on Super Power Island.


  1. You can find the lips on the woman in the yellow dress on Mystery Train Island,


  1. Dye your skin whatever color that matches your hair. For example, my hair color is red so I dyed my skin pale.