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Annabeth Chase
Annabeth Chase.jpg
What You Need
Cost Free
Hat None
Hair Blonde,


Top Orange Shirt,

Blue Jacket

Bottoms Gray Skirt
Skin Tone Pale
Lips Doesn't Matter
Other Accesories Knife,


Annabeth Chase is one of my favorite characters in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. If you are a fan of Greek mythology or of Rick's works then this is the perfect costume for you! Follow the steps below to dress up like Wise Girl! This costume is free and doesn't require membership.

How To Get:[]


  1. Friend the user snowandice3 and go to her photos.
  2. In her photos you will find a few pictures with her in a blonde pony tail.
  3. Customize the pony tail in the photo.
  4. The pony tail is already colored blonde so dye your bangs the closest color to the pony tail.
  5. You can have any bangs you want but I used:

Side Bangs: From the girl with the braid in Reality TV island.

Front Bangs: From the boy competing in the Poptropolis Games. He may not always be there so keep on coming back to the island until you find him. 


  1. Go to Mythology island and run to the right until you find the woman in orange.
  2. Customize her shirt.
  3. Go to Cryptids island and run left until you reach the ginger girl. Customize her gray skirt
  4. Go left in Cryptids until you find the boy flying a kite. Customize his blue jacket.
  5. Go to Astro Knights island and customize the knife/belt on the guy to your right (patched).
  6. Friend the user everything173 and go to his closet.
  7. Scroll right until you find the sword and customize it (patched).


  1. Dye your skin a pale tan color.


  1. Choose whatever mouth you want.

Ta Da! You now look like the smart and strong, Annabeth Chase!