Poptropica Fashion Wiki

I was browsing the wiki, and alas! We have no anime outfits! I took it into my own hands to make an SAO Asuna Yuuki inspired anime outfit that, hopefully, you will find kawaii-desu!

Hair, Skin, & Cosmetics[]


Hair: Use the Gamer Girl hair from the Store.

Bangs: Go to Reality TV Island. There is a girl in a dress with a braid, customize her bangs. Then, go to the Poptropolis Games and customize the bangs off of the boy representing the Wildfire tribe.

Hair Color: Something around a toned-down peach should be about right.

Skin Tone: Use a pale peach with just a hint of tan.

Mouth: Go to Mythology Island, and customize the lips off of the woman in blue with the fruit on her head.


Top: Buy the Angel outfit from the store and customize the top.

Bottom: Use the ASG glitch on "rosemoji2" and use only the skirt.


Sword: Use the ASG glitch on "JoanASG" and use only the sword.

Cape: Buy the Bride of Frankenstein outfit from the store and use the white cape.

Now, go and slay some video-game mobs!