Poptropica Fashion Wiki


  1. Color you skin some shade of brown, from slightly tanned to warm.
  2. Any mouth will do. The lips from the mothers in the Star Agency on Back Lot Island work, as will any mouth with red lipstick. Or you can get the mouth from the girls with baskets of fruit on their heads on Mythology Island.
  3. Get the bangs from a random Poptropican-like the girl in black on Astro Nights.
  4. Get the braid from a random Poptropican or from the girl wearing yellow on Night Watch Island. Or, go to Time Tangle Island and travel to Lew and Clark's time period. Copy Sacagawea's braids. Or you can copy the hairstyle from FieryBlaze4
  5. Color you hair brown or auburn.


  1. Go to Back Lot Island and go into the Queequeg's on your left. Enter, and you'll see a girl with glasses. Customize her shirt, which comes with the jacket.
  2. Go onto Monkey Wrench Island and customize the red scarf from the girl wearing the white, woolen hat in the race.
  3. Get a pair of brown pants from a random Poptropican.

Wear this fall outfit anytime. It looks trendy in all of the seasons.