Ever want to play poptropica with your siblings? If so you should get the batman and joker costumes!


  • Utility Belt: Customize the blue-and-orange costume from the Masks & Capes store on Super Power Island
  • Pants: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampire’s Curse Island
  • Chest plate: Dark Astro-Knight costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Cowl: Bat Guy in the Temple (first room) on Shark Tooth Island

Cape: Grim Reaper from Haunted House

The JokerEdit

  • Colors: Green hair, white skin
  • Jacket & Pants: Leprechaun costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Shirt: Dr. Jekyll from Haunted House
  • Smile: Clown costume (Poptropica Store)
  • Hair: Goth Boy on Main Street, Vampire’s Curse Island

classic joker Edit

  • Bobo smile
  • Mark Twain green hair coleriser
  • wild west shooting contest kid shirt
  • white skin from color riser
  • store item cowboy gun
  • purple superhero pants

For other costumes relating to Batman,[1] At the bottom of the page.