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Well, here's an outfit I didn't really think I'd ever upload because of its simplicity, but I thought it would be nice to share with fellow fans. In case you aren't familiar with the 2014 Cartoon Network mini-series Over The Garden Wall, Beatrice was a girl who got annoyed by a bluebird and threw a rock at it, thus cursing her and her entire family. Do you think you're capable of breaking the spell?


  • Color your hair mahogany and your skin peach
  • Buy the biker girl outfit, wear only the freckles/blush
  • Get the hair from the woman in the yellow dress on Mystery Train Island
  • Go to Astroknights Island, customize the shirt and skirt from the woman in the princess' bedroom inside the castle
  • On Mythology Island, find the belt on Triton
  • On S.O.S Island, get the mouth piece from the guy wearing the "I heart whales" hat
  • to get the full dress go to hot topic. hot topic also has other stuff from over the garden wall as well.
  • a hack to do freckles is to get a brush dip it in brown face paint and dab it on your cheeks.


Of course, with such a simple outfit, there are tons of different ways to alter it. However, if you're wanting to stick straight to Beatrice's character, here are a couple of nice variations to try out. You can swap out the belt for the one you can find on the woman in the blue and red kimono in West Edo on Red Dragon Island. Maybe you finally found that magic pair of scissors to help break the curse? Simply type "55990022567" in friend search, go through their closet, and get the scissors! To add to that, you could also play Poptropicon Episode 2: Reign of Omegon, go to the exhibit hall, and customize the mouth piece from the mannequin in the box to the right of the entrance. Or perhaps you'd prefer a memoir of Beatrice's time spent as a bluebird? Just type "everything173" in friend search, go through their closet, and find the blue feather! This would also look cute if you visited Monster Carnival Island and customized the mouth piece from Edgar. But those are just a few options, try seeing what you can put together!

Would you like to be buddies with Beatrice in Poptropica? Simply enter "BeatriceBluebird" in friend search and let her join in on the fun!