Bed Head
What You Need
Cost 0
Hat None
Hair Messy
Top Jacket with black shirt
Bottoms Green pants
Skin Tone Any
Lips Any
Other Accesories =

Just woke up? Haven't had coffee yet? You can't be the most stylish poptropican all the time,  so this is the outfit for you. 

How to GetEdit

  1. First, go to Reality TV Island, and get Bucky Lucas's hair.
  2. On Zomberry Island, get Abe's jacket and shirt, without the hood. (Go inside Fort Savinni Tunnel, go to the left until you get to Shady Side, go in the apartment building via roof acsess, Abe's room is at the bottom.)
  3. Head to Wild West Island, go to the right until you see a guy in all green. Get the green pants.