Braided Beauty
Poptropican (19)
What You Need
Cost 0
Hat (N/A)
Hair Bangs

Braid with yellow hair tie

Top Blue long-sleeved shirt
Bottoms Black skirt

Black leggings

Skin Tone Doesn't matter
Lips Very pale
Other Accesories Gold earrings, gold necklace, belt, purse
The Braided Beauty outfit allows girls to look cool and sophisticated. You can even unlock cool accessories with this absolutely free outfit.

How To GetEdit

  1. Go to Mythology Island. Walk to the Grove of Temples. Customize the bangs, earrings, and blush from the woman with the fruit basket on her head. In addition, customize the lips from her.
  2. Customize the braid from a random Poptropican..
  3. Go to Night Watch Island. Customize the necklace from the African American woman waiting in front of the mall.
  4. Walk inside the Twin Palms Mall. Go inside the store "In The Now". Customize the shirt, purse, and belt from the dummies.
  5. Go to Cryptids Island. Walk to your right. Customize the skirt from the goth-like girl.

I love your braid, beauty!

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