Poptropica Fashion Wiki

A young woman is going to an art gallery tonight and hasn't a clue what to wear. She's on a budget! Fortunately, this chic, Parisian-inspired look is free and only comes from two islands! If you want to be lazy, simply go to misshipster123pop's closet and costumize.

Hair, Skin, & Cosmetics[]


Hair: The beret hair is found on the first woman you see on Zomberry Island.

Bangs: The bangs can be easily accessed through the outfit randomizing feature at the "New You" shop at Home.

Hair Color: Hair color is entirely up to you as long as it is kept natural.

Skin Tone: Dye your skin a paler tone of peach. As per the norm, any tone works, but this is just my personal suggestion.

Mouth: Use the Biker lips from the Store.


Dress: The red dress comes from another passerby from the same street which where the beret was found. She is wearing headphones and a poufy hairstyle. If you do not find her, costumize.

Bottom: Any neutral pants work. I used brown ones.


Lace: The lace on the arms comes from the Exhibit Hall at Poptropicon: Episode 2. It's on the mannequin on the right side of the scene on the girl with the bow on her head.

Bag: Pick any nice natural-colored bag, but good ones are in misshipster123's closet and at the apparel shops on Night Watch.

Ready for an art gallery outing?