Poptropica Fashion Wiki

So. How many of you have ever heard of the words “Miraculous Ladybug?” If you answered yes and did not try to beat up your computer because you hate this T.V. show, then how many of you know who Chloe is?

Yes, that prissy, self-centered girl who hates Marinette. This looks a bit like her outfit.



1. Dye your skin a sort of tan with the colorizer in the New You building on Home Island.

2. Search up Cherandomira and copy her ponytail. It used to be from an old ad, but the ad’s gone.

3. Go to Mythology Island and enter Herc’s Hero Hut. You will see a girl wearing a pale green dress. Customize her bangs.

4. Now run out of Herc’s Hero Hut and go left. You will see two girls in blue. Copy the lips from the girl with the basket of fruit on her head.

5. Go to Home Island and enter the New You building. If you run left you will see the colorizer machine. Use it to dye your bangs a color as close as possible to the ponytail.


1. Go to Shrink Ray Island and enter the school. Then go into the place where the science fair is being held. If you run right, you will see a woman with dark skin and a pale green top. Copy her pants.

2. Now go to Superpower Island and copy the black and white striped shirts from one of the villains. It’s hard to customize anything from them when you are trying to defeat them, but it is not impossible. However, I suggest you wait until you capture a villain before customizing.

3. Go to Red Dragon Island. If you have not yet started this particular island, I suggest that you do. You will eventually see several people who had been walking around together in a dragon costume. One of them has been accused of stealing a fish from the market. Well, they are all wearing the same costume, so just copy the yellow jacket/vest thing from one of them.

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