Poptropica Fashion Wiki
Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor)
Poptropican (3).jpg
What You Need
Cost Free
Hat (N/A)
Hair Brown
Top Leather jacket
Bottoms Leather pants
Skin Tone Light
Lips Semi-frown
Other Accesories

Are you a big Doctor Who fan? If so, this costume for you. With this outfit, you can become Christopher Eccleston!

How To Get[]

  1. Go to Nabooti Island. Customize the hair from the man standing in front of the museum.
  2. Go to Back Lot Island. Customize the leather pants from the guy that suggests that you should film an island similiar to Astro-Knights Island.
  3. Customize the frown from a random Poptropican.

I found the leather jacket in the common rooms. You can also get the leather jacket from the man you got the pants from, but it doesn't look as realistic.

You are now rocking the Christopher Eccleston look!