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Who was the daughter of Jocelyn Fairchild? Why, Clary Fray, of course! She did not know that she was of Shadowhunter descent until she was a teenager, so there is an option for a normal, casual outfit.


1. Dye your hair ruby-red.

2. Dye your skin pale.

3. Go to Cryptids Island and run right. You’ll see a girl wearing a blue hat. Copy her hair. (Not the hat, the hair).

4. Friend AlwaysPrimrose and copy her bangs.

5. Travel to Mystery Train Island and copy the lips from the first lady that you see on your immediate right.

Outfit 1(Casual)

1. Go to Night Watch Island and run right. You’ll see a dark-skinned girl wearing yellow. Copy her shirt.

2. Copy a hot pink skirt with black leggings from a randomly generated poptropican.

3. Friend slantedfish and go to her closet. She will most likely have a paintbrush as a handheld item, so customize it.

Outfit 2 (Shadowhunter Gear)

1. Travel to Spy Island. You’ll see a woman dressed in black when you first land. Customize her suit.

2. Friend everything173 and go to his closet. Customize the wand from one of his costumes. It is red and tipped with white. The wand was from an old ad that featured the Wizards of Waverly place, and it resembles a stele.

Now you look like Clary Fray!  

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