Poptropica Fashion Wiki
David Tennant (10th Doctor)
Poptropican (4).jpg
What You Need
Cost Free
Hat (N/A)
Hair Brown


Top Brown Overcoat

Blue blazer

Bottoms Blue dress pants
Skin Tone Light
Lips Smile
Other Accesories Glasses (Optional)

Are you a big Doctor Who fan? If so, this costume for you. With this outfit, you can become David Tennant!

Hair, Skin, & Cosmetics[]

Hair: Go to Ghost Story Island. Customize the hair from the man shaking the salt.

Bangs: Get the bangs from the girl dressed in all black on Main Street on Cryptids Island.

Hair Color: Dye your hair brown.

Skin Tone: Dye your skin peach.

Mouth: Customize the smile from the African American man standing in front of the Twin Palms Mall on Night Watch Island.


Shirt: Go to Night Watch Island and customize the suit from the man waiting in line. Then go to Time Tangled Island, travel to the era of Thomas Edison, and customize the undershirt from the man outside the house.

Pants: On Time Tangled Island, go to Thomas Edison's era and customize the pants from the man you got the undershirt on.


Overcoat: This is the same man from where you got your hairstyle from.

Glasses: You can either go to Cryptids Island and customize the black glasses from the first man you see, or customize the 3D glasses from the boy outside of Bert's Bed & Breakfast on the same island.

You are now rocking the David Tennant look!