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Devil Girl
Devil Costume.png
What You Need
Cost 75 Credits, 150 Credits, or 300 Credits
Hat Horns
Hair Pigtails, Black, Side Bangs
Top Red Dress
Bottoms Red Dress
Skin Tone Pale
Lips Red Glossy Lipstick
Other Accesories Knife/Belt, Pitchfork, Wings

Looking for a fun, festive Halloween costume for your Poptropican? This is the right outfit for you! Dress up in this cute Devil Girl outfit and get into the Halloween spirit today!

FYI: This outfit requires a lot of costumes from the store but for now, you can get some of them for free!

How To Get:[]


  1. Get the pigtails from the Gothic Cheerleader costume from the store.
  2. The Devil horns and the bangs are from the Little Demon costume from the store (and currently costs zero credits!).
  3. The other side bangs are optional but you can find them from the Prom Queen costume that's from the store.
  4. Dye your hair black.


  1. You can find the red dress from people in the common rooms.


  1. The wings are from the Furry Monster 1 costume from the store (and is free!).
  2. Go to Astro-Knights island and customize the knife/belt from the man next to the sign.
  3. The Pitchfork is also from the Little Demon costume.


  1. Go to Mystery Train island and customize the lips from the woman on your right.


  1. Dye your skin a pale skin color.