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Dragon Princess
Dragon princess.png
What You Need
Cost Unknown (Some of the Outfit has been removed from the store)
Hat Fairy Queen Bangs
Hair Gamer girl hair, color doesn't matter
Top Top from Astro Knights Island princess
Bottoms Skirt from Astro Knights Island princess
Skin Tone Doesn't matter
Lips Green or any lips
Other Accesories Yellow and green dragon wings, belt from princess on Astro Knights Island, and if you want a sword or other accessory to hold.

The Dragon Princess look allows girls to have a sassy yet brave looking outfit.

How To Get[]

  1. Buy the fairy princess outfit. Customize the crown bangs, and if you like the green lips and blushing cheeks.
  2. Customize the hair from the Gamer Girl costume. If you don't have it, go to the New You store and try and find it.
  3. If you have completed the battle against the Binary Bard on Astro Knights Island, you can get the skirt, belt, and dress from the princess.
  4. Customize the yellow and green dragon wings from the dragon costume. If you don't have it, you probably cannot get them.