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Effie Trinket
Effie Trinket.png
What You Need
Cost 225
Hat None
Hair Purple w/ Slight Pink,


Top Pink
Bottoms Pink Skirt
Skin Tone Light Pink w/ Little Purple
Lips Purple Lips w/ Gloss
Other Accesories Microphone,

Earrings, Boa

(This costume was requested by Sustersuzy4)

Do you like The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins? If so, this Effie Trinket costume is the costume for you! Follow the steps below to dress as the fabulous, shimmering Capitol star!

How to Get:[]


  1. Customize the hair from the girl in yellow on Mystery Train Island.
  2. Dye it light purple with a hint of pink.


  1. Customize the dress from the lady next to the other lady where you got the hair from.


  1. Get the boa from the lady where you got the hair from.
  2. The earrings are from the Pirate Costume (from the store).
  3. The microphone is from the Pop Star Costume (also from the store).


  1. The mouth is from the Fairy Queen Costume (from the store!!).


  1. Dye your skin a light pink (almost white) color.

Now you are Effie Trinket! May the odds be ever in your favor.