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Let it go, let it go! And I'll rise like the break of dawn. Let it go... let it go... That perfect girl is gone!

How to Get[edit | edit source]

Hair[edit | edit source]

The braid is from the Mythology Surfer.

The giant part of the hair can be randomly found on other female Poptropicans. If you still can't find it, look in "perin10"s closet (friend her first).

The bangs are from the girl in green from Mythology Island in Herc's Hero Hut.

Dress[edit | edit source]

mThe skirt part of the dress can be found in Red Dragon (the skirt of a girl outside the wrestling place) or Night Watch Island (Carnival Costumes).

You might aswell take the belt from her too.

The top is from the woman with fruit on her head in Mythology Island.

Cape, Lips[edit | edit source]

The lips are from the Fairy Queen. The cape is from the Queen of Egypt.

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