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Enjoyable Jeggings
Poptropican (26).jpg
What You Need
Cost Free
Hat (N/A)
Hair Shoulder-length


Top Purple tank top
Bottoms Blue jeggings
Skin Tone Doesn't matter
Lips Purple
Other Accesories Blue necklace

 Do you like jeggings and unique looks? If so, the Enjoyable Jeggings outfit is for you. This outfit is one-of-a-kind, and it well help you stand out in a common room.

How To Get[]

  1. Go to Shrink Ray Island (patched). Customize CJ's mom's complete hairstyle with the sideburns.
  2. Go to Astro-Knights Island. Walk right until you reach the Castle of Arturus. Customize the necklace from the girl dressed in purple standing in front of the castle.
  3. Go to Mythology Island. Customize the lips and tank top from the girl inside Herc's Hero Hut.
  4. Go to Night Watch Island. Customize the pants from the first man standing in front of the mall (patched).

Enjoy your jeggings!