Poptropica Fashion Wiki


Today I will teach you how to make Entrapta from the new Netflix She-Ra and the Princesses of Power! She's an adorable feral scientist and honestly would make the perfect Poptropica villain! You will most likely need The ASG machine: https://asg.idkonpop.com/ and Your way to access old islands https://server.idkonpop.com/pop/base.php?short=oldIslandMap Don't worry this are totally safe! By the way if you use this costume PLEASE tell me you did and thank me in the comments.

Part One: Hair and skin

  1. Go to this [1] and the ASG username is VirusScientistASG. Proceed to insert your own username and password, don't worry, real people can't even see it it is all done by a bot. Your costume will be completely reset. All we are keeping from this is the red goggles.
  2. Go to the arcade on home island. I do not know what island it comes from but if you lurk around the arcade enough and go in and out, eventually you will see someone with a high lavender ponytail that almost touches the floor. Customize that and then go to New You.
  3. There you can pull the lever over and over, until you find the bangs on both sides with curls at the end. Customize that.
  4. Go to the colorizer and make your bangs match the ponytail, It's better if it is a slightly darker lavender so it doesn't disappear into the back part of the hair. Make your skin match our geeky princesses. [2]
  5. Mouth can either be lavender lips, or the classic Poptropica wide toothy smile. Both can be found in New You.
  6. While you are there snag the apron from the barber.

Alternate Hair: It is not as long as Entrapta's hair really is, but if you'd rather not search the arcade users for the ponytail, go to virus hunter island, and play until you can get into PDC and copy Dr. Lange's hair and dye it lavender. Dr. Lange also has the trademark red goggles of Entrapta. Use the curly bangs too.

Part Two: Clothing

  1. First go to Monster Carnival and go all the way to the circus tent where you see the two twins outside. Customize just their stained shirt.
  2. Go to Super Power Island and get the purple pants off of the last dummy to the right in the super hero costume shop. Remember to use the old island transporter.
  3. A warning is that when you go to an old island the pony tail will disappear! That's because it was made only for sui islands. But when you go back to home island it will still be there! No worries!

Congratulations! You have now become Entrapta! Go build some robots or reprogram people's things without their permission.

(Psst I ship her with Dr. Lange UwU)