This fairy princess costume is kind of a complicated costume, but it is also pretty easy.

Hair, Skin, & Cosmetics Edit

Hair: You can use any long hair, but I used the hair from one of the girls in front of the mall on Night Watch Island.

Bangs: Use the Fairy Queen's bangs. (75 credits.)

Hair Color: Dye your hair either brown or blonde.

Skin Tone: Use a paler shade of peach.

Lips: On Poptropicon Ep. 2, inside of the Demo Hall, there is a girl with short hair. You need her lips, but they are not costumizable. What you need to do is go in your items, and click on a costume. Then costumize an item from it, but do not X out. Instead click on the picture of a person and an arrow on the bottom left. Then you can get the girl's lips. If this glitch no longer works, use the similar lips from the Biker.

Outfit Edit

Shirt: The shirt you can find in the New You.

Skirt: The skirt, you can get from the mannequin on the right in the Exhibit Hall on Poptropicon Ep. 2.

Accessories Edit

Scarf: This you can get from the steampunk girl on the roof in Poptropicon Ep. 1.

Wings: Use the wings from the hippie fairy in the Theater with the same process detailed for the lips.

Finally, you are finished!