Fashionable Fall
Fashionable Fall
What You Need
Cost 75
Hat None
Hair Wavy
Top White-Gray Shirt, Brown Jacket
Bottoms Blue Jeans
Skin Tone Tan
Lips Red Glossy Lipstick
Other Accesories Purse, Sunglasses, Belt
It's now the season Autumn! Dress up your Poptropican in the latest Fall trends!

How to Get:Edit


  1. Get the wavy hair from girls in common rooms.
  2. Dye is any color you wish. Natural hair colors look better, though.


  1. The white-gray shirt is from the boy on your ship in Skullduggery Island.
  2. The jacket is from the man shaking salt (left) on Ghost Story Island.
  3. The pants can be obtained by Randomly Generated Poptropicans who are usually in Early Poptropica and Spy Island.


  1. The sunglasses are part of the Mythology Surfer costume from the store.
  2. The belt is from the man outside of the General Store (right) in Skullduggery Island.
  3. Go to Night Watch Island and get the purse from a manquin from the shop In The Now! (to your left).


  1. Customize the woman on the right's lips in Mystery Train Island.


  1. Dye your skin a regular tan color.