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Fearless Rock (Outfit 1)
PFW - FR's outfit -1.png

What You Need
Cost 300
Hat (N/A)
Hair Pop Star, Vampire Girl 3 & Prom Queen.
Top Gamer Girl (Pink)
Bottoms Clawdeen's Purple Skirt (unavailable)
Skin Tone Peach
Lips Small Smile
Other Accesories Pink Umbrella

This is 1 of 3 outfits Fearless Rock wears. It is hard to create, 1 of the following items is unavailable.

How to get

1) Customize the hair from Prom Queen.

2) Customize the bangs from Pop Star.

3) Customize the bangs from Vampire Girl 3.

4) Customize the pink top from Gamer Girl.

5) Try and find Norman's Red Jacket in a common room. (The ad is no longer available)

6) Sadly, it is impossible to get Clawdeen's Purple Skirt now.

7) Find a friend that has the Pink Umbrella from the girl in Game Show Island.

Now you look just like Fearless Rock! Congratulations! 

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