Ghost Girl
What You Need
Cost 75 or 325
Hat None
Hair Black, Straight, Down, Side Bangs
Top White Tank Top
Bottoms White Skirt
Skin Tone Pale
Lips Creepy Smile
Other Accesories Phantom
The perfect look for Halloween, or even just to spook people, is right here! Follow the steps to look as creepy as possible!

How to Get:Edit


  1. Go to Crypids Island and run right until you see the woman dressed in black. Customize her hair. (I realize now that I use this hairstyle a lot).
  2. Get the side bangs and the shadows under the eyes from the Gothic .
  3. Dye it black.


  1. Go to Mythology Island and run left. Customize the old lady's dress. This only works if you haven't completed or started over the game.


  1. For extra effect, get the Phantom from the store and turn the knob to almost invisible.


  1. Go to Red Dragon Island and costumize the mouth from Ann or Jack in the tree house.


  1. Dye your skin a very very pale color.