Giant Hawk
Giant Hawk
The Giant Hawk
What You Need
Cost Free
Hat None
Hair Combed
Top Forest green shirt
Bottoms Black pants
Skin Tone Light peach
Lips None
Other Accesories Belt with gun
The Giant Hawk is a adventurous look that is difficult to achieve. This fashionable look will make any boy look like the Poptropican, Giant Hawk.

How to GetEdit

1) Get the hair from characters like from Dos Cactos on Wild West Island and one of the mall waiters on Night Watch Island.

2) Get the shirt and the pants from the male cryptid hunter on Cliff Mansions on Cryptids Island.

3) Get the belt from the Costume Closet or the Poptropica Friends Closet. (it is no longer customizable otherwise.)

4) Now, wrap it up with a simple smile.

Now, you are dressed like Giant Hawk!