Girl Knight
Girl Knight
What You Need
Cost 75 Credits
Hat Helmet
Hair Wavy, Down, Any Color
Top Gray Armor
Bottoms Gray Pants
Skin Tone Doesn't Matter
Lips Red Lipstick, Glossy
Other Accesories Knife/Belt, Sword
Do you want your Poptropican to look heroic? To stand out in a common room? This it the best outfit for you! Follow the simple steps below to look beautiful and deadly!

How to Get:Edit


  1. Go to Poptropicon Island and customize girl with the princess hat's bangs.
  2. In the common rooms, you can find the wavy hair on most girls.
  3. Dye the hair any color you wish.


  1. Go to Astro Knights Island and customize the first man you see's belt/sword.
  2. While on Astro Knights Islamd, run right to the castle and customize the knight's armor and pants.


  1. On Poptropicon Island, run left until you reach the line for the restrooms. Customize the third person at the end of the line's helmet.
  2. Get the sword from the Templar Knight costume in the store.


  1. Go to Mystery Train Island and customize the first girl on your right's lips. 


  1. Dye your skin any color you wish.