Poptropica Fashion Wiki
Goth Girl
What You Need
Cost 150
Hat None
Hair Black Ponytail w/ Bandana
Top Dark Gray Shirt,

Leather Jacket

Bottoms Black Pants
Skin Tone Very Pale
Lips Chewing Gum
Other Accesories Belt

The Goth Girl outfit is my first non book character outfit I I have made.

Are you feeling goth? If so, you should totally try the Goth Girl look!

How to Get:[]


  1. Go to Monster Carnival island and go right until you meet the girl at the "Test Your Strength" booth.
  2. Get the Goth Cheerleader Costume in the store and customize the bangs.
  3. Dye your hair black.


  1. Go to Back Lot island and run left until you meet the man dressed in black. Customize his shirt.
  2. Get the Biker Costume in the store and customize the leather jacket.
  3. Go to Red Dragon island and customize the girl on your right's pants and belt.


  1. Get the bubble gum from the store. The pink gum is free but other flavors cost more.


  1. Dye your skin very pale.

You are now looking like a goth girl!