Goth Teen
What You Need
Cost 0
Hat None
Hair Bangs
Top Black jacket and black shirt
Bottoms Black pants
Skin Tone Any
Lips Any, but slight frown works best
Other Accesories

With this goth outfit, your poptropican will become famous for his style!

How to GetEdit

  1. First, go to Shrink Ray Island (patched). On Avenue A (to the right),you will find a guy with a cool bangs (he is also wearing a collared shirt). Get his hair and bangs.
  2. Next, go to Back Lot Island. If you go to the left, you will see a guy in all black standing outside Queequeg's Coffee. Customize his shirt, and jacket.
  3. Last, go to Night Watch Island. If you go to the right, you will see This Blonde Man in line to get into the mall. Get his pants.

A frown looks great with this custome. Enjoy!