Poptropica Fashion Wiki

She's the It Girl after Alison 'died'. No matter how many challenges A throws her, she still looks fabulous. Of course I'm writing about Hanna Marin! This is the third Pretty Little Liars entry out of six I'm writing. Follow these tips to look like her.

How To Get Your Outfit[]


  1. Buy Vampire Girl 2 & customize her hair.
  2. Go to Night Watch Island & go to the girl in yellow.
  3. Take her bangs.
  4. Go to New You & get the front bangs.
  5. Dye your hair blonde.


  1. Go to the girl who you got your bangs from in Night Watch & customize her shirt.
  2. Also take her necklace (It's optional).
  3. Go to New You & get the skirt.

Voila! You now look like the stylish Hanna Marin!