Poptropica Fashion Wiki
Hazel Grace Lancaster
What You Need
Cost 75 (Optional)
Hat None
Hair Short, Brown
Top Blue Tank Top, Jacket
Bottoms Jeans
Skin Tone Peach
Lips Doesn't Matter
Other Accesories Backpack, Fire Extinguisher

If you are a fan of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, than you will love this outfit! Hazel Grace Lancaster is a cancer survivor and the main character in TFIOS novel and film. Follow the steps below to look like Hazel!

How to Get:[]


  1. Go to Mythology island and customize the Triton's hair.
  2. Then customize the Girl With The Braided Hair's bangs on Reality TV island.
  3. Dye your hair light brown.


  1. Go to Mythology island and customize the Girl In The Blue's top.
  2. Then travel to Crypids island and run left until to see the boy flying a kite. Customize his jacket.
  3. Customize the backpack and the pants from Randomly Generated Poptropicans that are in the Main Street of Early Poptropica.


  1. This is optional but if you wish to have the oxygen tank, buy the Fireman costume from the store and customize the fire exstinguisher.


  1. Dye your skin peach.


  1. Customize any mouth you wish.

You now look like Hazel Grace! Please comment if this helped you!