Silver Storm

"Oh, fat rats!"

You don't have to be a 70's kid to know that the Land of The Lost was a trippy, poorly edited sci-fi fiasco of a children's show that pretty much helped inspire the "parallel universe" genre of the science fiction world. Take a step into this unusual and alien realm as one of the series' main protagonists, Holly Marshall! Just try to steer clear of Grumpy the T-rex!


  • Go to Shark Tooth Island, customize the braids from the archaeologist outside the temple
  • Go to Back Lot Island, find the plaid shirt on the guy in the Queequeg's building to the left of the blimp
  • On Nabooti Island, get the pants from the aviator pilot
  • On Night Watch Island, get the mouth piece from the girl wearing blue sitting in the waiting line
  • Customize the belt from the guy wearing the green shirt walking around Avenue A on Shrinkray Island
  • Customize the scuff marks from any one of the other contestants on Reality TV Island
  • Type "fearlesshero80" in friend search, go through their closet, and find the bangs
  • Color your hair dirty blonde and your skin peach


You can even recreate Holly as she appears in the show's opening sequence. Simply visit Cryptids Island, go to the Himalayan Mountains, and get the backpack from the Sherpa. Then go to S.O.S Island and customize the inflatable vest from any one of the survivors.