This is what you will look like if you follow the steps!

Katniss Everdeen
What You Need
Cost 150 Credits
Hat None
Hair Braid


Top Jacket and Green Shirt
Bottoms Green Pants
Skin Tone Light
Lips Doesn't Matter
Other Accesories Bow and Arrows


Katniss Everdeen is the main character in the Hunger Games series. This costume costs 150 credits and you don't have to have a membership.

==How to GetEdit

  1. Buy the Biker girl, and prom queen costumes.(You can get the robin hood outfit on Poptropicon Island or you can buy it from the store.)
  2. Customize from Robin Hood costume, Bow and Arrow, and belt.
  3. Customize from Biker girl.(Get the jacket from the biker)
  4. Get braid from Mythology Island.
  5. Get bangs from prom queen outfit.
  6. Go to the Carrot King Diner(in 24 carrot island). Make a drink that makes your hair brown.
  7. Get the lips from the waitress at 24 carrot
  8. Go to Early Poptropica and get a light skin tone, or press Control, Shift, and S.
  9. Enjoy! Shoots real arrows!