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I don’t actually enjoy watching Disney movies when they are based off of fairy tales. The directors twist everything around and embellish the whole plot. Then there is the thing about the princesses being absolutely helpless.

Why didn’t Cinderella take her broom and just beat up her step-family? Why is Snow White so dense that she feels like it would be okay to accept an apple when everybody tells her not to? Why did Belle think that it was a good idea to travel in wolf-infested forests without any protection? Why does Aurora only have, like, sixteen lines in a movie that’s named after her?

I’m not here to rant, though. I’m here because I will provide the next outfit idea I have created-yes, it’s Maleficent. I assume you would know that because of the title.


  1. Run to Home Island and into the New You building. Walk to the Colorizer machine and color your skin a greyish-green.
  2. Get the bangs from the girl in pink and blue on Reality TV Show Island. Dye them black.
  3. Get a frown from someone. Or the mouth from the lady in the Spy Headquarters on Spy Island works, too.
  4. There is no actual hairpiece for this costume, but there is a headress! A lot of people don’t know if Maleficent’s horns are actual horns, a headress, or just a very creative, sinister hairdo. Neither do I, but I went with headress because I want to. Go to Astro Knights Island and run right until you are in front of the demolished castle. There is a woman wearing purple. Copy her headress.


  1. Copy the cloak from that woman wearing purple on Astro Knights Island.
  2. Go to Poptropicon and climb up onto that building. You will see a wizard shoving a machine and complaining about how it stole his money. Customize his skirt.
  3. Go to Cryptids Island until you see the girl dressed in all black. Customize her shirt.

You now look like the most malevolent fairy of all!