Matt Smith
Poptropican (18)
What You Need
Cost 75
Hat Fez
Hair Brown
Top Brown Blazer
Bottoms Black pants
Skin Tone Doesn't matter
Lips Smile
Other Accesories Bowtie
Are you a big Doctor Who fan? If so, this costume for you. With this outfit, you can become Matt Smith with his fez!

How To GetEdit

  1. Go to Skullduggery Island. Sail your ship to Golden Harbor (bottom of your map). Walk inside the bank. Customize the man's hair and fez.
  2. Customize the smile and bowtie from the April Fool costume.
  3. Customize the shirt and pants from the Rattlesnake Wrangler costume. If you do not know how to get the costume, watch this video provided by Poptropica Wiki admin Rough Fang. You get the quest from the cattle rancher on Wild West Island.

How To Get Rattlesnake Wrangler CostumeEdit

Poptropica Getting The Rattlesnake Wrangler Costume

Poptropica Getting The Rattlesnake Wrangler Costume


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You are now rocking the Matt Smith look!

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