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Medieval Archer

Everybody loves archery, but unfortunately, most of the archer costumes in Poptropica tend to be rather generic. They're usually either renderings of the same Robin Hood archetype or simple Katniss Everdeen knock-offs, they're nostalgic but they can get a little boring after a while. Well, here's an interesting design to try out if you're looking to make your archer a little more unique!


  • Buy the Robin Hood costume, wear only the bow

  • In Poptropicon Episode 1: Line Forms Here, get the lips from the girl in the blue tophat standing at the end of the line in main street

  • In Poptropicon Episode 2: Spoiler Alert, get the belt/arrows from the guy in the demo hall

  • In Vampire's Curse, customize the shirt from Katya's mother

  • In Arabian Nights Episode 1: How Bazaar, get the pants from the guy you'll meet upon exiting the blimp

  • Go to Mythology Island, customize the hood, shawl, and cloak from Athena (disguised as an old woman)

  • On Night Watch Island, go to the costume store, get the ears/face paint from the Elven mannequin


Have you tried on this outfit yet? Why not show us your own combo based on this concept? Feel free to share your ideas here!