Poptropica Fashion Wiki

The "Movie Star" Look

This outfit is a unique look for any Poptropican and guaranteed to make anyone stand out from the crowd, though one of its wardrobe items may be difficult to obtain.


  • First of all, you must own the Pop Star outfit that can be bought in store- wear only the vest, hat, belt, skirt, and bangs (comes with earrings and blush)
  • Secondly, the bandana and ponytail can be obtained by customizing the "strong woman" on Monster Carnival Island
  • Lastly, the lipstick can be found at the make-up booth on Back Lot Island, simply remove the eye shadow/blush that accompanies it (that way the bangs and hat are still wearable)
  • Now here's the hard part, the dress was only ever used in two advertisements for the movie Hotel Transylvania- one that came around when the film hit theatres and another that popped up when it was eventually released on DVD -and was part of the Mavis costume that was awarded to female players who completed the ads' mini-games; unfortunately, it is not customizable from other players and you must have won it yourself to be able to wear it, unless the dress is used on a customizable NPC or is obtainable through some sort of cheat, there is no other known way to get it


You don't necessarily have to use the green variation of the Pop Star costume for this look, it also goes great in pink or blue! And as an added bonus, the blue variation also goes nice with the blue lipstick that is customizable from the Gamer Girl outfit that can be bought in the store! But don't take all your fashion tips from Short Fox here, go out there and find the style that suits you best! <gallery> Pink.png|Pink Version Blue.png|Blue Version Blue (w) Lipstick.png|Blue Version w/ Matching Lipstick