Poptropica Fashion Wiki

The "Panda Popstar" Look

Looking for something cute and furry with a splash of color and touch of personality? Look no further! This outfit is guaranteed to be an unusual and unique addition to your closet!


  • Find the hair and skirt on randomly generated Poptropicans such as the ones found in Early Poptropica
  • Type "ShiftyShadow420" in friend search, go through their closet and find the shirt
  • Buy the werewolf costume, wear only the face fur and muzzle
  • Buy the pop star outfit, wear only the microphone
  • Get the tail from the fauns on Mythology Island
  • Get the black lipstick from the make-up booth in Soundstage 2 on Back Lot Island
  • Color your skin white and your hair black


You can also add a little more pizazz to this outfit by changing the wardrobe! Customize the pink variation of the pop star outfit, wear only the belt and vest. The dress can be found on other random players in any given common room, but the quickest way to obtain it is by typing "ShiftyPanda83" in friend search and customizing their Poptropican.