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Peridot in her barn!.png


Peridot is my favorite Steven Universe character! She's so cute! I figured out how to make her in Poptropica and I will share how!

Step One[]

Go to ASG Machine and make the ASG username Joey_GreenBattleForce5Suit

Step Two[]

One to Peridot's very signature angular hair! If you are a member, go to Ghost Story island and customize the Innkeeper's Wife at the Inn. Or, use http://modify-a-poptropican.weebly.com/ that tool and make the hair number: 618

While we are at this tool make the shirt number: 213

And unfortunately the ASG made you a boy so go ahead and change that to a girl and make gender: 0

Step Three[]

This is easy! Get the green straps from the girl in Hercs Hero Hut on Mythology island.

Step Four[]

Last part is customizing! Make the skin a nice key lime pie color and the hair pale yellow blond. Use a picture from SU as reference if needed. And yay, you are done now! You are now The Great and Loveable Peridot!