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Do you have a passion for Poptropica fashion? If so, this wiki is for you! This wiki is brought to you by The Poptropica Wiki, and is one of the largest Poptropica outfit databases ever. This wiki is a new addition to the Poptropica Help Network.

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About Us

This wiki was founded on June 28th, 2012 for the sole purpose of letting users who play the online game, Poptropica, to create and edit pages of outfits and accessories! With 265 pages and counting, this wiki is the capital of Poptropica Fashion Design!

We are part of the Poptropica Help Network. If you enjoy editing on this wiki, join the Poptropica Wiki today!

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© 2012 - 2022, Poptropica Fashion Wiki. All Poptropica images on our website are from Poptropica.com, created by Family Education Network (FEN). Please do not plagiarize from us.

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Remember! If you make a page for your outfit, be sure to add the category tagged "Outfits" so other people can view your page!