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Rights Management

Note: These are the bassic roles that they wiki must always have filled. These are unoffical duties and may be expanded or demoted at anytime by the Executive Manager .The main point of this page is to state voting and terms for each office. For the job description please click on the links for the respective officers. 

Chairman/President  - a chairman may only have a term of 3 years, and has a unlimited amount of terms. The Chairman will then have an election, that is hosted by the Executive Manager, who will then run the election.

Vice Chairman - the vice chairman runs sepreatly from the chairman. The Vice Chairman also has a term of 3 years and has an unlimited ammount of terms . The Vice Chairman will also have an election, hosted by the Executive Manager, who will run the election.

Executive Manager - The Executive Manager runs all of the elections. This user will have an unlimited amount of terms and stays in office until s/he resignes. 

Vice Manager - The Vice Manager has a 1 year term but may run for re-election 5 times. 

Head Admin/Head of Staff - The Head Admin/Head of Staff has a term of 6 months and may only run for re-election once. 

Chief Vandalism Remover - The CVR has a term of 3 years and may run for a re-election 2 times. 

Note: Every officer must run for re-election at the end of a set term in order to stay in office. A officer may only run for re-election as many times as it says above. All final Election/Term rules will be made by the Executive Manager.