The Poptropica Fashion Wiki is lead by a Chairman, the Chairman, is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who commands the wiki. As leader of the wiki, the Chairman does not "own" the wiki, and if corrupt maybe removed from office. All Chairmans will have b'crat rights.  The current Chairman is EmperorAgulia (Active).

The next in line is the Vice Chairman, who (as above) also does not own the wiki, but, is also appointed to Chief Executive Editor, and operations director. The current Vice Chairman is SwagNoodle809 (Active).

The Executive Manager manages all the user rights including appointments of the executive offices. They create new offices and also removes  offices. This user can create new committees and departments. The Executive Manager is AwesomeOrange89 (Active).

The Chief Vandalism Remover keeps the wiki safe and COPPA compliant. This user also makes sure the staff stays uncorrupt. The current CVR is  Ultimate iPad Expert (Active).

Below are all of the staff members:

2012-2014 (1st generation)Edit

Party Princess: Founder, President 

2014( 2nd generation)Edit

EmpororAguila: Adopter, Chairman

SwagNoodle809: Vice Chairman

AwesomeOrange89: Executive Manager

Ultimate iPad Expert: Chief Vandalism Remover

DeeBeadleyBakerFan: Admin

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