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Pretty Mall Girl
What You Need
Cost 75 (Prom Princess Bang)
Hat N/A
Hair Prom Princess Bangs, Wavy brown Hair
Top Light Blue music note tee
Bottoms White ruffle skirt
Skin Tone Doesn't matter
Lips Very light
Other Accesories Golden earrings, golden necklace, money, MP3 player.

 This outfit was designed by Addielpsgurl . If you are looking for the outfit designed by EmperorAguila, click here.

The Pretty Mall Girl is super cute for walking around in public, where everyone can see your cute look.

How to Get[]

  1. Go to Mythology Island. Walk to the Grove of Temples. Customize the bangs, earrings, and blush from the woman with the fruit basket on her head. In addition, customize the lips from her.
  2. Get the Prom Princess's bang that hangs over her eye.
  3. Go to Night Watch, and if you see a girl in a green tent in front of the mall, customize her hair.
  4. Customize the girl with the orange braids in Night watch in front of the mall. Customize her outfit (just shirt and skirt)
  5. In Night Watch Island,  customize the necklace from the African American woman waiting in front of the mall.
  6. Go to Carnival Costumes in Tree Palms Mall on the top floor. If you see the guy with the big hat full of money, click on his hand. Customize to get the money out of his hand.
  7. If you see the guy with the headphones in front of Tree Palms Mall, customize his hand, which has an MP3 player in it.

Now you have an adorable outfit to die for!