Poptropica Fashion Wiki

Ha-chem. *Clears throat.*

Primrose Everdeen[]


  1. Go to Vampire's Curse Island and customize the white shirt from the old lady on the far right. Like, far, far right. Not Katya's wailing mother, but an old lady.
  2. Go to Skullduggery Island and customize the skirt from the lady wearing blue.
  3. Now you can get the mouth either from that annoying carnie from Monster Island, (the one called Edward or Edmund or something), or you can go to Back Lot Island, into Queequeegs or whatever it's called, and copy the mouth from the lady with the glasses.
  4. Get the flowers from the guy selling coconut milk on Shark Tooth Island .
  5. For hair, color it a golden blonde. Uh, you can use any hairstyle, so long as it looks like it would belong on her head. No afro's or hairstyles with crowns or ginormous hats. I recommend that you use braids or loosely curled hair.
  6. Color her skin a pale, roses and cream color.

Presenting..........PRIMROSE EVERDEEN!!!!!! The odds were not in her favor. (Also, if you friend AlwaysPrimrose, she has a gray, hooded cloak).