Poptropica Fashion Wiki

Scorpia prom.jpg

I made regular Scorpia, but now I want to make her princess prom outfit because she's one of my favorite characters and my second favorite villian ever! First being Megamind because that is such a underrated cinematic masterpiece. Please thank me in the comments if you use it!

Step One: ASG dress

  1. Use this [1] and put the ASG username as Rosemoji6. Relogin to popropica as it says.
  2. Only keep the black dress, and I didn't, but you can keep the black mascara tears if you want to be angsty (she's sad that Catra wouldn't dance with her at prom)

Step Two: Hair and Face

  1. Go to new you and dye your hair white, and your skin pale but not as pale as the hair.
  2. Scorpia wore red jewel earrings and her short hair combed back, so log in to regular poptropica, then go directly here [2] and go to counterfeit island. You have to find Black Widow when she is disguised as the chief investigator and copy her hair. No bangs so we can make the illusion that it's short hair combed back. make sure to push save.
  3. Go to Back Lot island using the same link in 2. and go to Back Lot island. In sound stage 2 there is a makeup desk, customize black lipstick. Push save. Honestly it's kind of funny that Scorpia decided to fully apply lipstick now that she's going somewhere special. But yep, you're done now!