Purple Prom Princess
What You Need
Cost Free
Hat None
Hair Bun
Top Purple Medieval Dress
Bottoms Purple Medieval Dress
Skin Tone Light
Lips Purple
Other Accesories Belt


The Purple Prom Princess is a modern look you can achieve using older resources. This fashionable look will make any girl look like she knows how to dress.

How to GetEdit

1) Go to Astro Knights Island.

2) Keep on walking right until you reach the Castle of Arturus. Then, find the girl with the purple dress and two-pointed hat.

3) Customize the girl's dress, belt, and necklace.

4) Next, travel to Mythology Island.

5) Go inside Herc's Hero Hut.

6) Customize the purple girl's bun and lips.

Now, you are an Purple Prom Princess!