Poptropica Fashion Wiki

Hello, Poptropicans. This outfit that I created was meant to be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND FABU-not really. I just thought up a title and then tied an outfit together from that title. Oh, and it's meant for females. Unless, of course, skirts can be worn by boy avatars, which I don't think is possible.


  1. Dye your skin pale, like ivory.
  2. Dye your hair golden-blonde or brown.
  3. The lips I customized from a pedestrian on Poptropicon. She had scraggly hair, looked old, and wore a flowery blue bikini which did not suit her age. However, if you are an impatient sort of person, just friend Spareen and copy her lips.
  4. Go to Mythology Island and enter Poseidons's temple. (You have to finish a good deal of the island before you can actually enter his place). Copy the braid from the girl wearing purple.
  5. Get the bangs from a random Poptropican. Customize ones that are slightly curled at the ends and that are free of earrings or blush. Or you can get the bangs from PaleFire3.


  1. Go to Skullduggery Island. Yes, the first island you had to start with in the game. DO NOT SAIL AROUND TO BOUFFANT BAY OR GOLDEN HARBOR OR ANYWHERE ELSE. Start with this first Island.
  2. Enter the general store, where you will see a pitiful amount of goods and a woman wearing purple. Customize her shirt.
  3. Go to Astro-Knights Island and walk right, right, and right until you see a woman wearing blue earmuff-looking things, a purple, horn-like headress and a purple dress. Customize her cape.
  4. Travel to Counterfeit Island, where you have to complete a good portion of the island before meeting the Curator. When you do meet her, customize her skirt.

You are finished. And you look quite nice.