Shifty Shadow

The general "Rascally Rabbit" look

 Sure, we've got all the costume materials we need to make dogs, wolves, foxes, cats, lions, and even hamsters, but what about bunnies? Well, it took some mixing and matching, but now you can have a hoppin' good time in Poptropica with this snazzy costume set-up! Give it a try and see if you can make Dr. Hare jealous!


  • Buy the puppy costume, wear only the ears

  • Find the nose/whiskers by typing "perfectcomet1" in friend search and customizing her Poptropican

  • Get the tail from the fauns on Mythology Island

  • Customize the buckteeth from Dr. Hare's brain-washed henchmen on 24 Carrot Island (while their rabbot helmets are still activated)

  • Tint your skin to match the color of the ears and color your hair the same shade as the streaks in the puppy mask's hair tuft


Of course, the puppy costume comes in three different colors- black, brown, and yellow -therefore you've automatically got three different color options for your bunny! And since you're free to choose your bunny's clothing options- whether you want them to wear an outfit or find a "fursuit" like the ones that come with the monster costumes to make them look more "feral" and less "anthro" -there are endless choices to pick as far as those sections of the wardrobe go. So have at it!