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Red Rebel
Red Rebel.png
What You Need
Cost 75
Hat None
Hair Long, Straight, Down, Side Bangs
Top Red Shirt, Leather Jacket
Bottoms Black Pants
Skin Tone Doesn't Matter
Lips Chewing Gum
Other Accesories Belt

This costume is inexpensive and totally worth every credit! Let your Poptropican show them who's boss with this amazing outfit!

How to Get:[]


  1. Go to Criptids Island and run right to the woman dressed in black. Customize her hair (not her sideburn).
  2. Get the side bangs from the girl with the braid on Reality TV Island.
  3. Dye it any color (though black hair looks the best)


  1. Go to Nabooti Island and go left to the plane. Fly to Safari and inside the Internet Cafe is a woman witht the red shirt.
  2. The leather jacket is part to the Biker Costume from the store.
  3. Get the black pants from Randonly Generated Poptropicans from Early Poptropica Island.


  1. Go to Red Dragon Island and customize the woman with the dog's belt


  1. Get the Popgum from the store (free) and start chewing!


  1. Dye your skin any natural skin tone.